FLUXAL® 9707

FLUXAL® 9707 is an anti - corrosion coating with very unique characteristics that was awarded the Gold Medal for product innovations in Germany.

Fluxal® 9707 is a metallic paint (aluminium) specifically intended for high temperatures. It penetrates surface molecules with ultimate waterproofing and insulating properties with resistance to the ultraviolet rays.

Easy Application
Excellent adhesion and it can be directly applied to galvanized surface
Blocks the pores and prevents migration of humidity
Hydrophobic and totally waterproof
Non-toxic in case of fire
Resist to a minimum of 700ºC continuously
Thickness of 10 to 25 Microns per layer
Protection for all kinds of metals for industrial and reinforcing bars as replacement of epoxy coating.
Protection of concrete against all aggressions (chemicals, sulphate, chlorides, acid dirt) as it seals the pores of the concrete and metal.
UV Resistance, reflects 78% of sunshine and reduces room temperatures when applied as roof protection.

Petro – Chemical Industry

Hydrocarbon tanks
Barriers, foot bridges, ladders, tubes, pipelines
Cement and coatings factory


Support of road marking, toll plaza
Tunnel, protection of vaults
Tubes for road signs, threads and mast foundation
Road Signs Systems and Gantries

Street Furniture

Garbage bins


Electric Pylons
Swimming pools / chlorinated atmosphere
Horticultural greenhouses
Skeleton of the warehouses of brine