FLUXAL® ELEC is a bi-component high corrosion resistance paint with a dielectric property, allowing metallic substrates protection against corrosion when exposed to an electric environment (stray currents - magnetic fields).

Simple anti-corrosion treatment: 100 to 150 microns layer is sufficient.
Dielectric anti-corrosion treatment: two layers minimum, for an average 300 microns thickness.
Excellent performance under saline fog / acid environment – results defined by the number of layers and by the thickness applied (3000 hours for a two layer 300 microns for absolute resistance for a period of 25 years)
Excellent coating flexibility which allows a dilatation of the substrate and an extension of 8% at 20ºC.
High resistance against attacks by common chemical products
High resistance to shocks
Dielectric resistance: Average measured resistance > 2GOhm*cm 2 After 160 trial days, measured resistance is 40 MOhm*cm2

Dielectric anti-corrosion protection:

Concrete steel frame in engineering structure construction
Water front building foundation and structures

Simple anti-corrosion protection:

Storage tanks and metallic equipment for the chemical industry
Mechanical parts subjected to dilatation